Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Promised Pictures of the last day

Hi Everyone!
Sorry it has taken me a while to get these pictures on here, school started Monday and that is keeping me busy and tired!
Here are the photos!
This is at 2:11 in the afternoon that Saturday
This is at 5:14pm
This was the captain of the ship. He was Italian and had a cool accent! This was the dismemberment talk
They had a table set up of all the different towel animals.
They had a book on how to do them too…that’s why they had the table set up
hehe we gave our monkey a banana!
The setting sun, that sun is so beautiful over the blue water!
This was our waitress, she was so sweet! She is from Thailand! She even gave us hugs the last night! :)
This is the band that played in the casino, they were really nice to listen to! They took requests and played all different types of songs! I was excited when they played “Walking After Midnight” by Patsy Cline! I wanted to request it, but wasn’t sure they could do that one. To my surprise they played that song right after I thought that! :D
Our last night towel creature! A stingray! :D

I loved our cruise! The people were so nice and it was just an amazing experience! I am up for taking another one within a few years! :D
I did still feel like I was on the ship for a few days after! I think it is gone now, the body swaying lol People that have been on cruises know what I mean :)
It was nice to come home and sleep in our own bed, but I will definitely miss the food and the fresh towels lol If only we could have brought our waitress and our steward home with us!! LOL
I love being married and having things to do, like cooking and such. It’s kinda weird to explain, but I like doing things for Joey :) But now that school has started I come home tired so it’s a little harder, but is still rewarding!
Oh the wedding photos are up! All the orders have to be in by Jan. 28th too! So go to
-click on Your Images, under the paragraph of text there is Satisfaction Survey and Take Me to the Galleries
-Click the Galleries one.
-Can type in the date of the wedding and one of our names. Or you can click the more under recent photos and look for our names :)
There you go :)
I am happy with the pictures! There are a lot of cute ones and some that are my favorite! :)
Have a great day!

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