Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 6

Hi Everyone!
Today was a “Fun Day at Sea”, and we had a nice and fun day :)
I might not be able to blog long bc the boat is rocking a lot since we are getting closer to Galveston, and the moving laptop screen might make me sick! :)
Today we woke up and ate breakfast. Went to the speech about disembarking. Surprisingly is was entertaining :) Our cruise director, Ralph is very funny.  Went shopping in the shops onboard. Went to the casino where a really good band plays, that is were the people swing dance ( I mentioned in my previous posts). Went to dinner, it was really yummy as usual. Went to a show where the passengers sang and dressed up as different famous singers. It was really good, but the guy that did Elvis sucked. He sang too low.
Ok picture time…it will have to come later, sorry but if I keep looking at this screen w/ the ship this rocking it could be a bad thing!
Have a great day!

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