Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy May!

I know, technically it is already the second day of May. But it's close, just one day more into May. This month will be such a fun month for me! :)

I have finals this week...not too fun, but has to be done! I have one final tomorrow, one on Wednesday, and two on Thursday. The harder ones are on Mon. and Wed.

After finals, the week after....We are going to VEGAS!!! :D I am so excited! I have never been so Joey wanted to take me! I have a feeling that I'm going to be like a moth to all those lights! I will probably make myself dizzy that first day there, trying to look at everything at once!

Here is where we are staying:

The Encore!! It is a five star hotel! There is the Wynn and then he made the encore. I have never stayed somewhere so nice!! Now I'm sure your thinking "Well there goes all that coupon savings!". Honestly we got SUCH a good deal on this, it's a blessing! We got 5 days, 4 nights at Encore, air fare to and from Vegas for the both of us for under a thousand!! Joey was so happy to find this deal! I am proud of him! :)

We plan on going to see some shows, we are going to go see the Hoover Dam. It will be fun! I love traveling with Joey!

Update on Joey's gallbladder surgery:
He is doing good :) He has been eating pretty normal, healthy options from Chili's and such. He went to the surgeon and he said he is healing nicely! :) The surgeon also took off the little tape that was on his incisions. He still can't do anything strenuous for 6 weeks.

So that means I will be mowing the lawn sometimes this week! I have never mowed...ever! Now I kinda wish I would have been taught, but it can't be too hard! The good thing is our yard is little! I am happy to learn and help Joey  :)

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you!  This is what Joey's surgeon looked like!

Jim Carrey                          

Well he wasn't Jim Carrey. However he had eyes like Jim Carrey! Joey told me about that and on the day he was getting his surgery, while he was in the prep area, I was able to see Joey before his surgery and in walks his surgeon. Joey was exactly right! I think it's fascinating how different people have such similar facial features!

 Thomas W. Moore M.D., FACS Joey's surgeon...or Jim Carrey playing a doctor?

Turtle Update:
The turtles are loving their new tank! :) Oh! I don't know if I posted about that! The day after I posted an update we finished it!  I need to take pics of it to show you! We got 2 plants and 7 little goldfish not last Wed. but the Wed. before. Well...we got some Chick-Fil-A, the time we got done eating, there was 1 fish left. Then not even a minute later he was gone too!! We buy them for the turtles to eat, but we didn't think they'd be gone that fast! Our last goldfish lasted since the apartment (over a year!!) So they grew really big, so it wasn't until they died did the turtles get to them. Then the plants lasted about a week! Turds! The plants were not that cheap, but I guess they had fun shredding them! lol

Well I got to get to bed!

I'll leave you with a w/ a quote that I read on one of my favorite blogs:
“We don’t trust in what God will do, because we don’t know what He will do. We trust in who God is.” 

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