Monday, May 17, 2010

Hoover Dam!

Friday was an exciting day.

That morning we went to the Hoover Dam!!

We took a tour with the Pink Jeep Tour. They picked us up from our hotel along with some other couples and drove us there. It wasn't a long ride, only about 20 minutes there. Plus we got to see such pretty mountains!

Here's our tour jeep:

I took many pictures on the way to the Hoover Dam. 

                           Lake Mead

Pretty mountains!

As we drove over the Hoover Dam. The line is from the calcium in the water. 

The generators. They were 500 feet below the surface. Everyone taking the tour( not just people from our tour, but many others) got in an elevator with the guide. Tour guide: "Do you know our photo policy?" Everyone: "No" Guide:"Take all the dam photos you want" lol

The view down. Looking over the rail of the observation deck. Eek! It was really scary. Oh, I didn't tell you, I'm afraid of heights! I just put the camera over the rail and took the picture. 

I liked the story behind this. The little pile in the middle is a missile station. It was put there back in WWII just in case the Japanese decided to bomb the dam. It never happened, but it is still there!

The new bridge that is going to carry traffic over to Arizona. The lanes on the Hoover Dam are not sifficant enough to carry all the traffic. It is a 900 foot drop from the bridge to the water!
The memorial to the men who died. There were over a hundred that died. The tour guide said that there are much less reported deaths bc for it to be recorded, they had to die on sight. Most died at a hospital or on the way. 

"In Memory of Our Fellowmen who lost their lives in the construcition of the dam. Certified by the Boulder City Central Labor Council May (can't read the date)" 

This was a memorial to the Hoover Dam mascot. He was found as a puppy at the construction camp. The dog would travel with the guys to the dam each day. Sadly, he got ran over by a truck that he was sleeping under. However the guys gave him a special grave, which was right under this plaque. 

The Hoover Dam is definitely a beautiful place! I enjoyed it a lot!

Friday afternoon will be for another post! :)

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