Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mail Call!

This past week has been a pretty good week for mail freebies! Plus we had some goodies in the mail when we got back from Vegas!

First, when we got home, I got a package with this in it! I had won a giveaway a lil while back and this is what I got :)
- Seventh Generation bathroom cleaner, all purpose, wipes, paper towels, and caddy
- The Conscious Kitchen book

This also came in the mail. 
The Kraft kit, which included:
- 3 Wheat Thins
-3 Vanilla Carmel Latte things
- coupon for a FREE package of Premium Oscar Mayer hot dogs(normally $4.35 at our Kroger!)
- coupon for FREE Bullseye BBQ sauce

-I got a sample of Dr. Scholls insert...only for one shoe...but it has a $2 coupon with it

-John Freda samples, along with a coupon

- A nursing care sample. I got this to include in any baby shower gifts. It has a cooling ring with 3 covers. Pretty nice for free I thought!

Then I got this!
- 2 Cascade tabs
- Gillete Fusion Proglide razor!! I was pleasantly surprised by how nice it is. I thought it would just be a razor thrown in a box. 
- Gillete coupons

I am happy that my freebies are starting to come in now! For a while there I wasn't getting anything. Sure does make checking the mail more fun!

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