Saturday, May 8, 2010

Summer Time! :D

Yay! Summer is here! Well at least for me! My month of summer has started! :D

Finals went well! I only had 3 real finals, I had one class I had to write an essay in but that was ezpz!

Thursday, between finals, my friend Evelyn and I went to the Galleria. She introduced me to a really cute and affordable store! Charlotte Russe! I got a really cute outfit, dress, cardigan, and shoes. However once I got the dress home, the zipper was defective.I took it back to the mall closer to us, they had 2 more but one size was just a little too small and one was just a little too big! :( But I still have cute sandals and cardigan! :)

Yesterday (Friday)  I went and had lunch with my grandma, saw her garden. Saw her baby EAGLES! Yes you read that correctly! She has eagle babies in her tree! They are so cute. They have little fuzzy heads. One kept looking down at us. It was probably wondering what we were!

Then Friday evening was cleaning time!
I got some new cleaning tools and for once I was excited about cleaning the bathroom! Lol!

 I got the Extend-a-Clean(green bottle) for $2.99 and got a $5 Target gift card for buying it! Those sponges are angled to get around the sink, that thing on a pole is to clean the shower! No more scrubbing on my hands and knees! Yay! Then those ninja looking tools are to get the nooks and crannies in and around the bathroom. These are such nice little tools that help make cleaning a lil easier! :)

Then today, I did something that my daddy would be so proud of me for! For the first time in my life, I.......mowed the lawn! Yep! First time ever! Yeah as a kid I am sure I rode on a riding lawn mower and helped steer. But that is different. Here I am! I had Joey take pictures so my daddy could see! lol

Yep! I did it! Plus I tackled the backyard, which I really wish we took a before and after photo! It wasn't bad. I was happy to help do it. Joey can't mow for another 3-4 weeks, since he can't lift anything over 30 pounds. So there is a chance I will mow again! 

After that we went shopping for shoes and shorts for Joey at Academy. All this before noon! :D We were so productive today!

Oh! I had this come in the mail yesterday!

It's getting closer to time for me to have to do my certification tests! I have 2 tests I have to take. The Generalist- it tests content (social studies, science) that I would teach. Then I have the PPR- that is more classroom management and I have a class this fall that I take that helps me get ready for that.  So this is what I will be doing for a while. When I get extra time, I will be studying for the Generalist. I have my last content type class this summer, so in the Fall I will take the Generalist test. 

That's all that has been going on lately! Oh! Plus this:
Sorry it's a lil blurry. Right after I took this cute moment picture...Yao ever-so-softly put one of his paws on the edge of the dock. Then with the other paw he..... whacked Nibbler's head! Poor Nibbler just drew his head in towards his shell. It didn't scare him off the dock. I warned Yao and he meowed at me in the "I'm not doing anything" way. lol

That's what's been happening in the Knox household! :)

Have a nice day!

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