Friday, June 4, 2010

Antique Shopping!

My friend Evelyn and I had a fun girl's day. We ate lunch and then went antique shopping!! :D We both love the old, uniqueness of antiques! Yay! I found an antiquing partner!

We found this great place on highway 90, in Stafford! The best part is there was a CLEARANCE section!! YAY! lol Everything was 50% off the price.

Evelyn and I scouted and scouted that clearance section. There were a lot of neat things! In there, there was a old trunk, like the footlocker ones- for $15!! I almost bought it, but the inside needed work. Plus I didn't want to spend all my $20 yet!

So here is what I bought:
Wooden Tiles- $2 each ($4 total)
Ceramic bowl- $4
Cute plate- $1
Old grater- $1
Total: $$10

Here's a close up of the plate:

"A good friend is like sunshine...always welcome" I love the yellow color, so I got it :)

Closeup of bowl
I really liked the blue color. So pretty! The blue matches our comforter, so somehow I think I might try to use this for something in our bedroom. 

Evelyn found some cute plates there.

We went to another shop, which was WAY overpriced. So we left there and went back to this place again, just to look around again. It was then I got the grater. I'm going to use it on the top of my cabinets, with all the other vintage stuff I got from Joey's grandma. 

I have discovered that sweating and sweating in an antique shop, with no AC, on a hot May day can be made  fun when your with the right person/people :)

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