Monday, June 14, 2010

Our stockpile

Ok, before you watch the video, I should warn you.

I sound extremely Texan.

I really don't sound that way.

However whenever I am talking on camera, I sound either like I'm twelve or very Texan.

Just a warning.

Please don't make fun of me! :)

I'll allow you to laugh...but just a little.

Oh and the videos are a little shaky. Sorry about that! :)

First the picture:
This is just our toiletries. It has changed since then (this was taken in April) since I have donated some items.

Now the videos:

As I have said above, this has changed since then. A lot of the free razors I am donating. I have given a few things away to others also.

This has gotten a lil more and a lil less. While I am donating a few items, I also won a giveaway that I won 4 different cleaners :)

This is what we have been blessed with. This post is not to brag on what we have. While I am happy that we are able to stockpile, I try to never forget Who it is that has enabled us to do this.

Being able to find good deals and stockpile is a blessing, with that, I want to be able to bless others with it too.

I hope you enjoyed the lil peek into what goes on behind the scenes at our house :) Stockpiling can be a blessing, but always remember Who it is who allows you to do so and give thanks!

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