Saturday, June 26, 2010

Decorations for Summer

Lately I have not had that much time to do many projects bc of school. However I have made some time to finally finish one of my projects!!

Here it is:

Sorry about the crappy picture. It's all I took and I'm too lazy to take another! lol Why did this take me so long you may wonder? Well that blue glass started as this:

 A blue bottle of an energy drink. Joey and I loved the blue color of these bottles. In his (then our) apartment Joey had these bottles decorating the top of the cabinet. Nice for an apartment, but I didn't want that for the house. So I decided to bust up the bottles. I have a candle holder sitting in the top of the glass to hold a candle. It's beautiful at night! I was so glad to run across a   tea-light candle holder that was the exact same blue! :D

I also changed our mantel decor. From a red vase to a beautiful blue milk jug I was given. Then I added the little blue vase and the stain glass. I did have three leaf candle holders where the stain glass is. I love the blue color!

Then I changed my red hurricane glass to this:

I LOVE him!!! :D I got the owl planter at Hobby Lobby for 6.20 (normally 19.99). He does have a hurt toe nail, but I liked him too much to pass up! The plant we already had - from IKEA. I got this lil one with some of my birthday money. 

The blue looks pretty with the blue on the mantel. 

Look what else came in! My cute 50's era pitcher! :D It's sitting on my cart that holds my cookbooks, that I got for free from my father-in-law :) Then I thought I needed to add something, so I added the $1 grater I got from an antique store. I am really happy with the way they look together!

 I did this project last night. Just got the fabric on clearance yesterday from Hobby Lobby (.89!) I had the frame and the glass from another picture. I'm using it as a memo board. :) The wording looks hard to see in the picture, it's not as bad in real life. The busy pattern makes it where you have to make a lil more effort to read it, but I think it's too cute! :)

These lil cuties were given to me by my mom. She got them at Goodwill :) These originally were from Pier 1! They are photo holders! I plan on making the red kitty hold Burney's picture, the white one hold Daisy's picture and the black one hold Yao's picture. :)

Last but not least:
Sorry it's a lil blurry. I got the little house at Home Goods. It was on clearance for $10. A little pricey, however the potpourri inside can be taken out, where I can use it as a vase filler and then I can but my cute birdies in the house with a fake nest. So really I paid $10 for at least 3 different type of uses! :)
P.S. Those cute lil birdies kind of in the picture I got at Pier 1 for $3. They are salt and pepper shakers! :)

That's all for now! I'm gonna go make some cookies!
Have a nice day!

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