Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Softball,Bees, and Spray Paint

I want to write a post. However I am too lazy to go and get my pictures of my before/after pics of the crafts/stuff I've been spray painting. So that will come later.

Summer school starts Monday. My month of vacation is almost over!! :( Part of me is not worrying about it, but then again I am afraid that my class will be hard. Really, if concentrating on my class will be hard. The good part is that I only have 1 class, each summer session (1&2) and each session the class is only 2 hours. So if I need to do things in the day, I will still be able to.

We have been pretty busy this past week! Rachel, my sister-in-law is on the Needville Softball team. We've gone to 3 games. Which each time they have won! They are going to state!! :D Rachel is just a freshman and she's going to the state playoffs! How exciting! Joey and I are so proud of her! She has a game tomorrow in Austin to see if they keep going to play the state champion game or if they go home. It's basically a death round. Lose once and you go home. Saturday is the state game, at 2:00. I am so excited for them!

We went to a game last Friday (not this past Friday,but the one before) we went to Rachel's softball game in Victoria. We paid for our tickets, it was windy. We were walking towards the bleachers. Something flew into my hair. I felt it. Naturally I reach to get it out. As soon as I put my hand in my hair to get it out, I feel a sharp pain in my finger! I look at my hand, I got stung!! By what, I am still not sure. I am guessing a bee. My first time ever getting stung and I am hour and half away from home. I had no idea if I was allergic to whatever stung me or not! That was the scary part! We hurried and tried to find my MIL, Mary, since she is a nurse. We couldn't find her. So I just pull the stinger out myself. It hurt SO bad!! Joey suggested I run some cold water over it, since we couldn't quickly get ice from the concession stand(there was a HUGE line). The water hitting my finger hurt! Finally, about 30 minutes-hour the pain went away. Then my finger swelled. Oh, did I mention this was my wedding ring finger!

Saturday my finger was still swollen and it ITCHED! I didn't find out until Sunday that if you scratch your stung body part that it will itch more and swell more.  By Tuesday the swelling was almost gone. Then I did something stupid. I felt that where I was stung, there was something kinda sticking out of the skin. Well I squeezed around it to try to make it come out. BIG mistake!! That made my finger swell again, plus the itching came back!!

The good news is yesterday I realized the dot, where I got stung, was gone! There was something in my finger and it fell out on its own! :) Yay!

So I have learned that I love to spray paint things! lol No, not in a "I like the smell" way. I just like turning something from an ugly color to something I like! :) So far I have spray painted: 2 gold frames, 1 plastic tray, 1 bucket/pencil holder thing, and 2 ceramic birds!

It took me a lil while to realize that primer is my friend. I didn't prime the plastic tray, so when I touch it now the silver spray paint rubs off on my hands.So I am not sure on what to do with it. I can't put finisher on it since the paint didn't adhere to the tray to begin with.
 I spray painted a frame and the bucket/pencil holder thing without primer, but on metal you really have to try to get it to come off.
I used primer on 1 frame and the birds. I just wanted to turn the ceramic birds white, so I used the primer paint (which is not for ceramic, but it worked). I just didn't want to go and buy several different types of primers and paint for my lil projects! Spray paint is affordable,but it depends what your getting.

Oh! We now have shelves in our master bedroom. They are black shelves that I bought when I was  living at HBU, I put them up at my mom's and I'm just now getting them. I put them up and am now in the process of trying to find cute things to fill them with! lol I am almost done! The little birds I've painted will go on one shelf. Our bedroom looked pretty plain and bare before, but with the shelves on the walls, it looks so much more personal and pretty! :) I'll take a picture for you and share later.

That's all my ramblings for tonight! :) Have a nice night!  

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