Thursday, June 24, 2010

Goodwill Finds

After all the things I've been seeing on the craft blogs I read, I was really excited to go to our local Goodwill. I've  seen so many different blog posts that have something a woman got from goodwill and then spray painted it and it looks amazing!

There is a big Goodwill store on Highway 6 in Sugarland...I figured Sugarland would have some nice things. So my mom and I spent an afternoon and went to check it out :)

Here's what I found:
A bunch of different baskets!

Man there were SO many baskets there! I could have gone crazy! lol I kept my craziness to a minimum and chose three I really liked. 

The tissue holder was 1.99. The basket was .99 and the little one was .70 :) I thought they were a good deal! The little one might be used for a gift later on, for know its holding some cute soaps and such in the linen closet. 

My mom got 2 candle holders, a wine holder, and a thing with hooks to put in her closet. 

Overall, it was pretty good :)
So if you need "new" house items on the cheap, I recommend heading to your local Goodwill. Depending on where you live, you could find some really nice things! :)

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