Friday, June 4, 2010

My Projects

So I have mentioned in my previous posts I have been doing many different craft projects :)

I'm not going to show you the plastic graduation tray. Since I am unable to use it. I didn't buy any primer, so the spray paint did not adhere to the plastic surface. Sooo the paint rubs off pretty easily. Oh well, I can start over or just chunk it. I'm not sure what I want to do yet.

Ugly gold color. Well it's a pretty gold, but it just doesn't fit in with what I wanted to use it for.


Pretty silver! :) It's leaning because I was trying to take a pic.

Here's my favorite!!! :D


The one on the right is what the birds looked like. Cute, but I wanted them white. P.S. I got these at Dollar Tree!! $2 total. I used my white primer to paint these. 
After- totally finished!

The stand is a candle holder I also got at Dollar Tree (turned upside down). I added some moss stuff I had leftover from my planters. Ta-Da!! :D Total for project: $3!! I LOVE them!!

I am thinking about changing out the moss stuff, since it is kinda messy. We'll see :)

Jar: $2.97- Walmart
Ribbon .50 for a 5 pack (Target Dollar Spot)
Put OxyClean in the jar, just wanted to make the laundry room a lil cuter :)

I received a FREE $5 gift card from Walmart in the mail!! So I bought 2 of those jars. 

Other Jar:

Cute ribbon- came in the pack with the other ribbon above
This is awaiting some bath salts. Then will be put in our bathroom :) I have a cute wooden scoop. It should be cute! Maybe I should have cleaned off the desk before I took a pic! lol That is all my other craft stuff in our box room. 

Now for an EZ-PZ decor project:
Mardi Gras beads- Free! (No flashing necessary! lol)
We go to Galveston's Mardi Gras almost every year, Joey's dad has the parade go right in front of his house. Plus this spot is all family friendly. So I just layered these beads for a cute 4th of July decoration! 

I mentioned in my last post that I put shelves up in our master bedroom, I really like how much more home-ier  it makes our bedroom feel. Since we have all white walls, it was needing something!
My spray painted frame, craft project birdies, and my antique find! Wooden tile was $2 (I found 2 of them!) 

My little shelf. I love this picture! We had a quiet time before we got married. It took the nervousness away plus we started our marriage in a way that it should be focused on glorifying God. In the pic, I am praying and I am just having one of those "I'm so happy I am bawling moment." A moment of pure joy! :) 
The cup next to it, Joey made in ceramics at HBU. I love the colors! There was a twin, but the kitties decided it needed to go. 

The last shelf. There is the other tile :) I created that frame a long time ago. Then I made that pillow for Joey a few years ago :) 

Ta-Da!! That's it! :) I hope you enjoyed! Have a great day!

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