Sunday, June 20, 2010

My "ugly" quilt

So today Joey and I went and saw my dad for Father's Day. We went and ate yummy Mexican food, got to see his new horse and of course talk! It was a good day :D

A few weeks or so ago, Nana (Cat's mom) messaged me on Facebook to tell me that she made me an "ugly" quilt.

An Ugly Quilt is a quilt that Nana makes for just her family members. She uses all the different types of scraps she has leftover from her other projects.

Nana calls them ugly quilts, but I think they are beautiful! That's why I kept putting quotations around ugly. :)

Cat told me that these quilts are special, she only makes them for her family. And of course they are all unique.

Here's my quilt:

It is big! For some reason I thought it would be baby size...this is like a twin bed quilt or maybe bigger!
I had to take many pictures to try to let you see it all!

A close-up

One of my favorite pieces! I love ladybugs! :D

I am the proud owner of "One Ugly Quilt #30!"

I think it is so beautiful! The photos don't do it justice! Nana said she's made 32 ugly quilts and 10 pretty ones and she hasn't even put a dent in her scraps pile! 

Look what dad got me for my birthday! (He's going to be gone this week, so he gave me my present early)

:D I am excited about reading it! Joey and I have listened to him on the radio. He has such good advice! Thank you again Daddy!

Yikes, it's almost 11! Time for bed! Goodnight!

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