Sunday, July 4, 2010

Upcoming Crafts

I see some many neat things on craft blogs! I wanted to share some of the ideas I want to eventually do! :)
You can click on the blog names and it will take you to the project

Here's the first- I actually have all the supplies to make this:
From All Thingz Related
This photo is one of her tutorial photos. This is made up of a grapevine wreath and then some fake boxwood plants from Hobby Lobby. Just cut apart the bush/plant and hot glue. Pretty simple! :) This will be a fun project for me later in the week once my final (on Wed.) is over with.

Another project I really like:

Little Apartment on the Prairie features a mason jar turned into a soap dispenser!
- You can use one of those really cute blue antique Ball Mason Jars or just use one that you like the shape (like the one above). On her blog, she even shows how to make it look like the antique blue jars! Cool! :D
 - I am excited about this one however I still need to find some neat jars!

These are SO cute and CHEAP to make!! Welcome to Starshine Chic made these using thrift store cheap crystal vases and craft paint! :) I would love to make these, but I'm so indecisive of what color and where to put these if I made them.

kitchen curtains
I LOVE these!! These are tea towels!! Over at Chronicles of an Accidental City Girl, she found this project in DIY magazine!
- I am so going to do this! I just have to find some cute tea towels! Our kitchen is Whatever I like is in there. Mostly it was contemporary in our apartment, then more and more it is going a lil country- but not in a rooster theme. No offense, I like rooster decor, some of it. However I have seen it overdone! We have some old cool kitchen stuff from Joey's G-ma on top of the cabinets and I just added my family's "taterbox". I'll show you that in a lil while. :) So it is going to be kinda hard to find tea towels, or at least I think it will be. Another thing is we have another big window in our kitchen, so I would need them to coordinate. But eventually- this project will be done at our house.

Is it sad that I really have to go search for projects to share with you?! I see so many I like, but most are furniture re-dos or I just don't bookmark it.

I do want to share a blog with you that I found while surfing the web when Joey was in the hospital.  - Nestled in Rosenberg
- Why do I love this blog? Well bc that Rosenberg is Rosenberg, TEXAS!! Yes!

I finally found a crafty/thrifty blogger from my town!! How cool! I was looking through her posts and pictures, not thinking it was our town. I was hoping, but I figured it wasn't. Until I saw this:

That's the old theater in downtown (old) Rosenberg! :D I was so excited that I emailed her just to say thanks! She finds the cutest things thrift-ing and antqiue-ing! I had no idea there were such good things to be found in my own town! I am so excited! No more going to Stafford! yay!

That's all for now! :D Have a Happy 4th of July! :)

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