Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cheap Finds!

 Have you ever been to a Goodwill store? No? Well if you want/need some home decor items, you might want to give Goodwill a chance. I have found some really good things at Goodwill lately! I discovered a big Goodwill store near Joey's work and I've visited it twice now.

1st Trip:

- I have been wanting one of those ducks for SO long! They had some like it at Target, but they were pretty pricey. I didn't find any on clearance either. So when I ran across this guy for $1.99, I scooped him up! 
To my surprise I saw this on him:

He was from Family Dollar! Plus originally $5!!
Wow! He doesn't look like he's from Family Dollar! 
So his new home is by our fireplace :)

- I also got that CUTE apothecary jar!! That was $1.99, but on 30% off sale, so I paid $1.39 for it!! SCORE! I have seen these at Hobby Lobby and they are definitely more than that!

The jar got filled with some chess pieces and placed in between the games I have out on our "formal table".

 I love how it looks! Best $1.39 spent, plus I love how versatile it is!

- Last the old milk jar. I doubt it is a real old one, but you never know. Joey used to have one like it that he kept his change in, but it broke. I thought his jar was so neat, so when I saw this one I scooped it up too! :) Only .99!

My second trip was not as exciting, I almost bought some candlesticks and mirror, but I am happy I didn't now. 

I just got this:

- It was $1.99 and not on the 30% off sale, but I saw it and I was reminded that I have a vase just that color that we got from Joey's G-ma. 
So I brought it home.

Sure enough, they match! :) Yay! Now I can display them together!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my goodwill adventures! I love being able to find new pieces for our house without breaking the budget! :)

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