Sunday, July 4, 2010

These Are a Few of My Favorite...Sites

I was just thinking I wanted to share with you some of my favorite websites. Some of you may read this and wonder where I get these ideas/advice/deals, what websites/blogs do I check. Here they are:

Coupons/Deal Websites:

- Money Saving Mom - just a little bit of everything! Deals, coupons, Once a Month Cooking, Homemaking Tips and more!

- Mojo Savings  - has great freebies listed.

- Hip 2 Save - I love her silly personality! She uploads videos every once in a while and they just make me laugh :)

- She Saved - has great giveaways and has good posts about different websites with the best deals.

Homemaker/Thrifty Living/Helpful House Tips:

- Life As Mom- Great for Once a Month Cooking Tips and I love her advice and new series: "14 Ways to Be More Joyful".

- Home Ec 101- Has great advice on many problems around the house (stinky garbage disposal, spills, etc.) and she has recipes too!

- Coupon Teacher - Has great Thrifty Thursday posts! Plus she has some coupon deals and she shows her loot after shopping :)

Recipes Sites:

- Good Cheap Eats - Has great cheap recipes and helpful tips

- The Pioneer Woman- She gives away a Kitchen Aid Mixer almost every week, thousands enter, but I am still hopeful one day it might be me :) Plus she has helpful tips and yummy looking recipes!

Craft Blogs:

- Make it and Love it - Has great sewing tutorials and cake making tutorials.

- House of the Hepworths - She has great makeovers on thrift store stuff and she includes tutorials! :)

- Remodelaholic- She has great remodels of furniture and her house. I also like that once a week others link up their thrifty creations or re-dos!

- Nestled in Rosenberg - I love it that we live in the same town. That cute stuff she makes and gets is here where I can make it or get other good finds! She has a lot of cute thrift and antique finds.

- The Graphics Fairy - this one is awesome bc she has SO many CUTE vintage graphics for you to print...yep you read that right...print!

That is all! That's what's in my bookmarks! I hope you find this list helpful!


Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

Great list of links! Those are all great sites! (Oh and I noticed on your profile that you are/where a gamer! Me too! Played both WOW and EQ back in the day!)

Get Nestled In said...

Ah! I've been so busy! I'll make sure to reply to your email about where to go thrifting!I'll get it to you before the weekend hits! ;)

Rachel said...

Jess, Hi! I was surprised I have comments! And happy of course! :) Yes I am a gamer, when I have time! :) I play WOW, my husband and I have tried EQ, but with us starting with WOW we liked it better. It is neat to meet people that have/do play WOW, my husband and I have met some pretty nice people out of it!

Rachel said...

T. Bird,

Oops I just noticed today that I had comments! I am not used to having any! :) Sorry about that! Thank you again for the info!