Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gotta Love Hobby Lobby!

So since I have gotten a lil extra money because of my birthday I've been going to Hobby Lobby quite a bit :)

First of all since I've been wanting to get some craft stuff and was waiting for my birthday.
Second of all because they have/had such good clearance!!

So about a two weeks ago, I go in to Hobby Lobby to look around at things I can get to make some things. I scope the clearance and other things. I pick up a cute bird candle holder that's on sale....and CUT my finger! Not bad, but it did bleed a little. I put hand sanitizer on it and keep going. I'm walking around a lil more and ram my lil toe into the metal wheel, I was walking too close to the cart. I hate it when that happens!! I guess it's because I'm short, so I run my feet into the cart more. So despite those injuries, I had a good trip!

I got this:

The wreath, greenery, hot glue gun, and sticks are to make the wreath I posted about. 
Then  I got this:

YAY!! I've been wanting to get some since I've seen SO many neat projects with it. I have already fixed my "Clean/Dirty" magnet that's for the dishwasher. 

 I am so excited to make my wreath, but also nervous, so I haven't started yet. lol

I also got some really cute birds on clearance from Hobby Lobby :) I will share those with you later, since they are getting makeovers :) One I spray painted yellow, the yellow I had left over from the lima beans, but it turned out it's going to get primed and repainted silver. 

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