Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Some Neat Things

Ok, I have so many pictures I want to share. Those of the re-loved Taters box, my antique finds from this past Friday, some awesome things my grandma gave me.

So get ready! Lots of pictures coming your way!!

This is the Taters box. My grandpa Hammers(my dad's dad) made this. I have been told it was from the last walnut tree on his farm. The box was at dad's and it needed some Old English love!

So I gave it a good wipe down, and cleaned the inside too

I love it! :) 
My family has had it since I was little, so I am happy to have it in our house!

Next: My antique finds!
My mom and I went last Friday to Red Queen's Attic. It's in downtown Rosenberg(right where the old theater is, just a few shops down). I got the tip-off from this awesome blogger. I had no idea about it beforehand! 
Anyways, I LOVE that place!! There are SO many things there, it's a 2 story antique place! Score!

Here's my finds:

A cool old wooden crate! Mine for $20! :) 
Sorry I was so excited about it that I put it up on my cabinets before I took a picture!
Later I'm going to get some greenery to put in it. 

I also found this:

A blue Ball Ideal Mason Jar! :)
Plus it's full of old buttons! 
I wanted a blue mason jar and a bunch of old buttons!
Ta-Da! Mine for $8, which I thought was great!

Then Friday evening my mom and grandma came over, I showed my grandma the blue mason jar and told her  how pretty I thought they were. Well turns out she has some and offered to give me some! :D

Yay!! I love shopping at my grandma's! When she has stuff she doesn't want I go over and go through it to see if I could use it! I've gotten some great pyrex 9x11 dishes and neat "vintage" things from her! What a blessing!

So last night, I went over to her house and she gave me these:

(The jar on the right is from Avon!)

This is the mug in the middle.
It says "Jack in the Box Liberty Mug"
I believe it's from the 70's!

Then the big Ball Ideal Jar on the Left is a Bicentennial Jar! From 1976!

Here is my happy lil collection

It's on my mantle right now! 
I am so happy with them!
Thanks granny! :) 
She also has a milk glass pot she is going to give me, since she doesn't use/want it. 

That's all the pictures of my vintage stuff I have gotten recently! 

Have a great day! Enjoy the sunshine!

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