Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Wreath!

I have posted a couple of blogs with the wreath I wanted to make and the materials I got for it.

Well I am excited to show you our new wreath!! :D I made it! I am excited how it turned out!


I started on it last night. I cut the greenery off the bush part, then I decided to hot glue it "right quick". 
Well I got so far, used the glue sticks that came with my glue gun...opened up the bag I bought of extra sticks and...they didn't fit! Boo!

So I had to wait till after class today to go and get the mini glue gun glue sticks. lol Lesson: check glue gun and  glue gun stick size before leaving Hobby Lobby. 

Back to the photos
                                                          Here's our door before:

What's that in on the door?
It's an UGLY "No Soliciting" sign. 
We didn't put it there, but it does work sometimes :) I've seen a guy walk up and leave. Usually it doesn't(we still get door spam). However I've been too scared to take it off, I don't want our door to get messed up. 

Hmm...the wreath is a little high on the door.

I added some ribbon.

Tied a cute lil bow on top

All finished!

I am so happy with it! :)

I got the idea here in case you want to make one too! It's simple! 


Get Nestled In said...

Love your wreath Rachel!! Cute facelift to your porch!

Rachel said...

Thank you :) I was worried about how it would turn out, but I am so happy with it! It was not as hard/complicated as I thought it would be!

Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

Oh I totally did that the last time I bought glue gun sticks at Hobby Lobby! Glad to know I am not the only one! Love the wreath! That sign is sooo crazy - I can't believe someone put that on the door!

Rachel said...

Thanks! Yeah, I hate the "no soliciting" sign on our door. Plus our door, I believe, is not weather-shielded :( You can kinda tell since it looks like it needs some Old English really bad! Eventually the door will be replaced (if they aren't too expensive!) and the "no soliciting" sign will be gone forever! :)