Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Life with 3 Kitties!

I tried to think of an interesting title for this post. If you have a cat, you know there are really funny moments and then there is when they are just sleeping. :)

I love our kitties! They make our life more interesting! lol

Our Daisy loves to lay on my lap and chew on her paw...yeah, sounds weird! It's something she does when she is calm...I guess it's sucking your thumb cat style? She chews/sucks on the fur between her pads on her front paws. It's cute/strange :) She is the attention-craving middle-child cat.

Yao is my teddy bear :) He lays right next to me at night and I can hold him like a stuffed animal. My poor baby has allergies! It is cute and kind of funny, but then we feel sorry for him! Every once and a while he'll have sneezing fits and will get the sniffles.

Burney loves Yao! He looks up to his big brother! Sometimes Burney will cry for Yao and sometimes Yao does the same for Burney. It's cute :) He's such a good kitty, it's amazing how good he is considering Joey picked him up off of the road! (His story here)

I took some pictures of what's been happening for your enjoyment or for mine later :)

-  Nosy Yao wanted to check out the new antique crate I got, he did this like the day after I got it! He was in it, smelling it and rubbing his cheek on the side. This is on top of our kitchen cabinets! The boy kitties love to go up there!

-This happened on Sunday. Yao was eating and Joey and I was about to leave for church. We opened the door to the garage and that somehow scared Yao half to death and he bumped into the food bowl. All those specks are pieces of food. This is not the first time he has done that either! Luckily the water bowl was not that full so it didn't get everywhere like it did one time! lol

- Burney and I had a photo shoot today :) He was laying on the bed and I thought he looked cute. 
He was pleased...can you tell? lol

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