Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Love Thrifting!

I have been thrift shopping a lot lately it seems! I promise these trips have been spread out!

I checked out a place that was recommended to me by T. Bird at Nestled in Rosenberg.

Here is what I found:
I only paid $5 for all this!
- Apothecary Jar: $5
-Plates: Free!
- Plaque: Free!

One of the things I loved about this shop is they had a basket marked free! How awesome! So many times places will hang on to things...well these ladies knew when to let things go!

Here's what's on the plate: it's one of those anniversary plates...I would guess. My grandparents live in Iowa plus I thought these were pretty so I couldn't pass up the FREE price :)

No, your not crazy, they are the exact same plates, just in different colors. I would hate to see them get thrown away or out so I took both! I'm thinking I will start a wall in our formal dining with church plates in blues and reds :) It's different and interesting!

I also got this. It was in the free basket as well :) I figured I will spray paint it and paint something cute on it. 
When I was checking out one of the older ladies said "Oh, that's Hummel, what a shame that it's chipped". I had no idea what Hummel was or who it was. So I looked it up...apparently some of the pieces can be worth some money. However this one does not have the mark on it to say when it was made and it's very weathered. So my plan is to still paint over it, or try to somehow get the picture off and preserve it or frame it. 

Lastly, I got the apothecary jar:
This was inside. When I got to the register I casually asked the lady if she wanted the decor inside the jar. Poor lady...she looked like I said I hated her! She was like "You don't want it?!" and told me it was a part of the jar, it goes with it. We got over that and I am now a proud owner of a toothpick palm tree with a felt monkey on it., a shell, and lil rocks. We started talking about what I could fill the apothecary jar with. She told me about how she has used old cookie cutters in one (Cute idea!) and how one lady that goes in there a lot had put shells in her's. I told her about my chess pieces I put in my other one and our seller/buyer relationship seemed mended. 
Lesson learned: Even if you have no idea what to do with the stuff inside something you want to buy...just take it. 
Plus:  The monkey has grown on me and I have moved the decor into another jar I have to go with my shells I had in the living room :)

I bought this jar bc:
It matches the one I got at Goodwill perfectly! :) Yay!

Have a great evening! :)


Get Nestled In said...

Wow! I can't believe you got those plates for FREE! They are a nice start for a plate collection! You're totally like me, and can't pass up an apothecary jar! You can NEVER have too many! I love all your finds!!!

the cape on the corner said...

oh my gosh, that monkey part is hilarious. i love that she was all insulted you wouldn't want it. those are some great jars!

so glad you stopped by the cape on the corner, and what the heck are you talking about, your jars are great! that little guy for a quarter is a really little guy! he was in this special section of the store where they get "x"ed. one x means 25 cents, 2 xs 50, and 3xs 75. i was glad he was only one x!

Rachel said...

:) Thanks for visiting me too! I just recently (on Monday) got my lil jar like your's :) It's about 5 inches tall and is perfect for some colorful buttons! I do love my jars! Such great possibilities! I saw it the first time I went in, didn't get it and regretted it! Luckily it was still there! Got to love thrift stores :D

Rachel said...

T. Bird,
I am more and more becoming addicted to apothecary jars!! Lol! They are so versatile and fun! :D